Bee Client is now at v0.26.1

Version 0.26.1 of Bee Client is now available. This brings one important API change, namely a bugfix in MediaType. It is now consistent with all the other header Value implementations.

This is a breaking change: old usage of MediaType.value needs to be replaced with the new MediaType.mediaType field that replaces it. Now, MediaType.value includes the character set when present, and this is a change of semantics.

Other issues:

  • v0.25.2 - HttpDateTimeInstant has been moved into the header sub-package, consistent with its normal usage. The existing class remains in place but is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • v0.25.3 - CacheControlValue now exists. Work has started on implementing client-side HTTP caching.

  • v0.26.1 - Extra methods have been added to HeaderName.

History of commits