Hosting A Hugo Website Behind Nginx

I’ve been exploring Hugo lately. Interesting. There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world - this site you’re reading is hosted within Drupal. But I’ve always felt that a live CMS is sometimes a needlessly heavy-weight solution to the problem of authoring content and handling the digital assets to go with it. Even large corporations blunder into complex arcane content management, maybe suffering poor productivity and bad performance, with expensive licences to boot.

Concrete5 CMS Experiences

Here at Big Bee Consultants we do Java. Mostly. We also have a considerable body of experience in website development, including the CSS styling, XHTML & SVG integration and PHP content management systems. Having needed to investigate PHP content management systems and used several on production sites, here are a few tips we've learnt.  A lot else has been written on this subject so we'll keep this brief. Concrete5 is a relatively new PHP content management system (CMS) with the MIT licence.