Cruise Control

A Post-Commit Hook to Integrate Subversion with Hudson

Hudson is a continuous-integration build server which is easy to install and works well. An earlier article compared Hudson with Cruise Control. This article goes on to discuss how Hudson operates with source code stored in a Subversion repository. Hudson provides out-of-the box integration with CVS and Subversion, and hosts various other source code repositories too (more info). This works on a ‘polling’ basis: you configure your build job to check the relevant svn URL every X minutes.

Software for Continuous Integration - Cruise Control & Hudson Compared

  Cruise Control is a well-established continuous integration (CI) server and is doing a good job. So why would we even consider using something else – and all the upheaval of changing? The author was fortunate to operate the two systems side-by-side for a while for a busy development team. This review presents a comparison with Hudson and will attempt to provide some answers. The table below does not promise to provide a complete list of all features; in particular, there are many other plugins not listed here.